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Forevermark diamonds are the world's most carefully selected diamonds, each one coming with a promise that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.
Can crystal meth be used responsibly as an occasional recreational drug by some gay men?
An upbeat, plain-terms guidebook encouraging the reader to reap the rewards of living authentically and responsibly, The Rapture Of Maturity is a source of abiding inspiration to persevere and determine the goals to which one most wishes to dedicate oneself.
Flow-on-demand hydraulic system keeps all functions operating responsibly while saving energy
We obviously want people to drink our product -the labelling simply asks the consumer to enjoy alcohol responsibly,''he said.
And the academic, head of the world-renowned International Centre for Brewing and Distilling, believes there would be less alcohol-related disorder if parents taught their children to drink responsibly.
There are many who will argue this is not nannying, this is acting responsibly.
In twisting the wise counsel "Don't drive drunk" into the similar-sounding but entirely different message "Don't drink and drive," anti-alcohol activists are trying to change behavior -- even though more than 40 million Americans drink responsibly before driving each year.
Little research exists to indicate whether psychiatric drugs are being responsibly prescribed or because health insurers are reluctant to pay for "talk" therapies and other nonmedication treatments.
Its Mail-Back Program is designed for facilities where used sharps and/or gauze and bandages need to be responsibly handled and removed for the protection of visitors, employees and residents.
In the past, poultry producers insisted that their distribution of antibiotics was being carried out responsibly.
Durable, attractive Unicork flooring, distributed by To Market, is responsibly produced from the renewable bark of cork trees.

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