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Let's find out by walking through the elements of a responsively designed webpage and identifying some useful tools for getting a new site up and running.
Because a responsively designed site is the same site on desktop and mobile, it's possible for site load times over a slower connection to suffer.
The newly developed visualisation feature, designed as a centralised information and control interface, has been responsively configured to the operator's actual needs.
Autism can be characterized by a failure to develop normal verbal and non verbal communication, responsively to other persons, failure to use objects appropriately, generalized overreaction to certain sensory stimuli or a notable lack of response to other sensory stimuli, this interferes with an individual's ability to interpret and interact with the world.
We were able to demonstrate how responsively we can make a deal happen, accommodating the practice within a week of the terms being agreed.
Her tempi of fortepiano lightness found her amazing Fazioli instrument speaking responsively.
Speculation and geopolitics are causing high prices", told the official adding that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is trying to act responsively.
I was thinking of your hands Turning the old pages of his book, Touching them tenderly like scars-- Reading them responsively, his litany-- When at last you penciled in the date Of each day you'd fished the three-day Blow of Up-state New York; adding "-" "-" "-" At the end of the book, Thinking of how "Nothing is ever lost," Before you closed it.
Our solutions lead the transformation of national security and intelligence, assure homeland security, enhance decision-making, and help government to work smarter, faster, and more responsively.
Although these themes provide the IYPE with a focus, the IYPE will operate mainly responsively, building on demand from the research community, much like the International Geoscience Program (IGCP), and will be guided by an Advisory Board of experts.
Vauxhall has done an excellent job in delivering a sharply-styled, responsively dynamic to drive performer with the largest brakes ever fitted to a Vauxhall production car.
Robertson himself has been a walking example of just the cooperation and collaboration that the report recommends; he has creatively and responsively helped people make their planned gifts to all aspects of the Anglican Church of Canada.