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My findings show that mothers who babyled wean feed more responsively than those who spoon-feed, allowing their baby more control over how much they eat.
I feel angry that I was put in this position in the first place and I hope that Barclays respond responsively.
The application is designed responsively which means the application view conforms to any device desktop, laptop and mobile devices.
The KW15 incorporates four levels of rotor speed control to ensure that the turbine operates responsively to all wind conditions.
The way the jets react so responsively to changing stresses on Enceladus suggests they have their origins in a large body of liquid water," Christophe Sotin, a co-author and Cassini team member at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, said.
A responsively designed site can be more complex to create in the beginning, but it will also be the design that gives a business the most bang for its buck when considering a mobile site.
Everything from Marshall stacks to boutique amps that would cost thousands to buy are wonderfully and responsively replicated, while there's an equally impressive set of effects such as Edge-like delays and vintage tremolo onboard.
com is the first major beauty site to be responsively designed for all devices, allowing users to experience a uniform, easy-to-navigate site whether they log on from their desktop, mobile phone or tablet.
Ongoing investments will enable Husky to improve local support, reduce lead times and more responsively react to the needs of its rapidly growing customer base in the region, the company says.
Through opening up those channels, the company aims to interact more responsively with the public, by promoting a rich exchange of ideas and suggestions, paving the way to a range of added value CSR projects.
But, whether you're pulling down a periscope or venting smoke from a destructive blast, Kinect struggles to react responsively to your movements.
Simon Chrisp, head of customer service at American Express, said: "When customers know that a company is listening to them and addressing their needs quickly and responsively, they will not only spend more - they will spread the word to others as well.