rest assured

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Notebook has teamed up with British bed maker Rest Assured so one lucky reader can win a Latex Luxury 2000 king size bed from its Eloquence Collection, worth PS1,508.
Enjoy the best sleep of your life with a king-size bed from British bed maker Rest Assured.
Lest this sound unrelentingly grim, rest assured that Jokes succeeds as both a page-turning read and a hilariously revelatory memoir.
Puffenbarger's operation, he can rest assured that he will kill his sugar maples long before global warming or anything else can.
Whether he's to have a full pro model or merely act as an Elemental ambassador while working (skating and making music) with their skate camp programs is up in the air, but rest assured, he'll be doing so with a smile on his face.
But rest assured that we are relentless about fulfilling our mission.
Rest assured that CSPI will continue to help people choose safer, healthier diets.
But anyone who fears a 'best of' album is signalling the beginning of the end can rest assured.
Next week is the UK NEPA conference, so for all those of you who are flying in from out of town, rest assured that London is already back at work and returning to normal.
Rest assured that all student information and progress will remain intact when the switch to the new site is made.
And, rest assured, the earth sciences are coming up next.
Rest assured that while reading this, you will emote.