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In our study, the gains of normal gait, favourable foot at rest position and active range of movement in the dorsiflexion range seen initially are improved after tendon transfer surgery.
The 13 m and 2 m land strips bounding the edge of the travel lanes in the zones indicate that tank rest position may lie outside the road surface.
2 stable positions-in the spring rest position, a spring pushes the plunger with the sealing element against the valve seat.
For example, on the 10 mV range, all the push-button center instruments are calibrated + or - 10 mV about the center rest position.
Her regular nursing care tasks included measuring body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse; administering medicine; asking how the patient was feeling; and helping the patient to change his bed rest position.
During operation, a magnet arcs away from its rest position, removing the magnetic field from a sensor, and comes to rest in a position, which no longer influences the sensor.
Two mechanisms of burrowing are used: 1) anteriorly directed head thrusts during which the body is thrown into a number of loose curves, pushed against the walls of the tunnel to create friction, and the head is extended from a gathered position of the anterior trunk, and 2) side-to-side shovelling using the rostral scale during which the rostral scale and snout are first passively deflected by the material being shovelled aside and the snout then returns to its rest position before continuing to move in the same direction as the head.
Once you gel the bow tuned and shooting well you can put the EZE-Center hack on and take note of the best rest position for that particular bow.
Its normal, at rest position is against the ferrous base surrounding the ceramic electrode seal.
The unit comes with a bezel that allows air to cool the lens in the rest position and keeps the operator's hands from touching the lens.
The condition could mean the mechanism may fail to latch correctly when the seat-back is returned to its rest position and could move during braking.
It means the mechanism may fail to latch correctly when the seat-back is returned to its rest position.