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Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of information displays at the Asfinag resting places.
White's Resting Places is a beautiful depiction of grace in the midst of grief, a modern odyssey across America, populated with memorable characters.
Here we reveal the final resting places of some of our most notable leaders.
A short stay in this burial ground will also reveal the last resting places of Nobel prize winner Sir John Cockcroft, two of Charles Darwin's sons and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, as well as many other distinguished past Cantabrigians.
THE last resting places of some of the city's greatest forefathers are to get a spring clean - thanks to a clean-up operation organised by the Rotary Club of Birmingham Breakfast.
This started to grow and we were soon regularly taking coachloads of relatives to the last resting places of their loved ones.
A sea with little ice puts animals that rely on ice for resting places at risk.
On just over 50 acres in Luxembourg City, lie the final resting places for the remains of more than 5,000 Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation while countering the Ardennes Offensive of World War II.
I write these statements in the present tense even though I don't know the condition of these final resting places in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's strike against the city.
But the last resting places of the great are not so compelling except for the more dedicated music lover.
More specifically, Finnish legislation limits the scope of the ban to those breeding and resting places that are "clearly perceptible in nature".
Un Ballo, set to Ravel's "Menuet" from Le Tombeau de Couperin and his Pavane pour une infante defunte was the most clearly balletic work, filled with pirouettes and petite batterie for five couples, who nonetheless wind up in odd resting places.