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In conclusion, in the supine resting position, the muscles of the lateral abdominal wall are thinner in AIS patients.
straminea, which is similar to Furcocercaria XIX in the morphology of penetration gland-cells, resting position in water and size of the anterior organ (3358/23-28 H.
Comparison of Scapular Resting Position in Racquet Players Between Dominant and Non-dominant Sides (a) Spino-Scapular Groups Distance, cm Dominant Side Non-Dominant Side At level of spine of 8.
17) reported that when the mandible remained in the resting position for longer periods of time, a change occurred in the electromyographic activity of the masseter and temporalis muscles.
Repeating this process a couple of times and pulling the laces to a resting position creates a secure non-slip tie.
Several dealers have said the fix involves slipping a shim into an area where springs push the pedal back to its resting position after a driver has eased off the fuel.
Jaws that are clasped with tension in the resting position, and opened by depressing the trigger, ensuring minimal stress on the surgeon's hand muscles.
A resting position that indicates switching status visually and by touch.
When the patient presented at hospital an initial diagnosis of upper limb neuromuscular disorder was made because he had bilateral and symmetrical loss of deltoid contours and upper limb muscle wasting; was unable to abduct or extend the shoulders beyond a resting position, and had diminished sensation in both hands.
It is a lavish production printed in Italy (of course) and bound in a way that allows it to rest open at any page (though one wonders about the long-term strength of the binding; it is a bit difficult to return the pages to a comfortable resting position on closing).
The subject was asked to issue the prompted command by moving his tongue from its resting position to the corresponding command position when the command light was on and returning it back to the resting position when the light went off.