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The future role of the seat as a "comfortable control unit" could also include the possibility of acrash-resistant resting position .
Playfoot said: "It was an honour to be asked to perform this important task of relighting the Cauldron in its resting position.
The stereocilia are rooted in a gel-like cuticle on the top of the cell that is believed to act as a rigid platform, helping the hairs return to their resting position.
But he will be remembered by City fans for the beard that complemented his receding hairline and the shorts which bordered on the obscene at the best of times and looked all the more, well, Continental when he was assuming the resting position with Martin Singleton during a pre-season training session.
These masts are attached to a 5-m pole with a hinged base plate each fitted with a dedicated hydraulic mechanism that folds the pole backwards to a horizontal resting position and concealed from view.
This is the perfect resting position," Thomas said afterward.
Repeating this process a couple of times and pulling the laces to a resting position creates a secure non-slip tie.
Several dealers have said the fix involves slipping a shim into an area where springs push the pedal back to its resting position after a driver has eased off the fuel.
When the patient presented at hospital an initial diagnosis of upper limb neuromuscular disorder was made because he had bilateral and symmetrical loss of deltoid contours and upper limb muscle wasting; was unable to abduct or extend the shoulders beyond a resting position, and had diminished sensation in both hands.
This means the operator can also see the tracks and the ground around the machine with the boom in the resting position.
When the vest deflates, the chest wall goes back to its resting position, which causes inspiratory flow.
The subject was asked to issue the prompted command by moving his tongue from its resting position to the corresponding command position when the command light was on and returning it back to the resting position when the light went off.