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Minors, women above 55 and men above 60, pregnant women, disables persons of groups 1 and 2, convicts who restituted the damage will fall under amnesty.
Article 7 states: Pre-War owners and their heirs should be encouraged to come forward and make known their claims to art that was confiscated by the Nazis, and not subsequently restituted.
After two years of demanding the land of the Burmali-mosque to be restituted, a final answer came from the media- that this land has been sold for a ridiculous amount of money to Greek billionaire Kondominas.
During World War II it was looted by the Nazis before being restituted.
During his testimony, Education Commissioner Robert Scott said that determining what money he would ask to be restituted in the final budget was akin to asking "a guy on the operating table whether wants his heart or his lungs back.
Whether or not the conflict has a religious dimension, the people's rights must be restituted either through peaceful settlement or through open conflict for generations to come, awaiting a change in the balance of power that will allow a final, equitable solution to emerge.
As a requirement of law, those should be restituted to right holders.
Fisher, director of research at the Claims Conference, said yesterday: "Most people think or thought that most of these items were repatriated or restituted.
the land should be restituted fully''As for the last part of your question, compromises are always present except when it comes to the rights; that is if somebody robed your properties, you might accept a compromise in a certain direction; but would not accept that he -the robber- would restitute to you part of your properties; he should restitute all the properties in full.
resources and personnel should be made available to facilitate the identification of all art that was confiscated but not restituted.
Some 361,493 square meters of property had been restituted and approximately 47 million Euros paid in compensation.
6 million held by exiled former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier should not be returned to the quake-ravaged state but restituted to his family.