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The Government of President Juan Manuel Santos has invested $ 1,204,992,200 in productive projects of families restituted from La Palma.
Minister of Defence Ghazi Jeribi told the press on the sidelines of the ceremony he found "very emotional" the moment when injustice is lifted and the right of a number of militaries restituted, after the state repaired the damage they suffered.
Most of those paintings appear to have been properly restituted, but an ERR database indicates four were not.
In other cases, people used restituted property repeatedly to secure multiple mortgages.
All confiscated office equipment will be restituted.
materials will be restituted immediately," he said.
Justice Vera Watkins told him: "Do everything in your power to ensure the complainants are compensated or restituted.
Minors, women above 55 and men above 60, pregnant women, disables persons of groups 1 and 2, convicts who restituted the damage will fall under amnesty.
Article 7 states: Pre-War owners and their heirs should be encouraged to come forward and make known their claims to art that was confiscated by the Nazis, and not subsequently restituted.
After two years of demanding the land of the Burmali-mosque to be restituted, a final answer came from the media- that this land has been sold for a ridiculous amount of money to Greek billionaire Kondominas.
During World War II it was looted by the Nazis before being restituted.
During his testimony, Education Commissioner Robert Scott said that determining what money he would ask to be restituted in the final budget was akin to asking "a guy on the operating table whether wants his heart or his lungs back.