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He restocked himself straight away after being caught in July.
Fisheries officer Derrick Dennis, who restocked the pond yesterday, said: " It is very satisfying to see the pond come to life again.
The beck was restocked in September 2000 after pig slurry discharged into it.
A key reason for the winter slowdown was that companies restocked more slowly.
companies restocked inventories at a steady pace in February, the government reported Monday, suggesting businesses are more optimistic about sales.
ANGLERS young and old could soon be playing hard fighting fish after a popular park lake was restocked.
All of them will be restocked by Monday at the latest,'' said Terri Bouffiou, spokeswoman for Southern California post offices.
What's more, concentrations of these pollutants peaked around 1970--just when fisheries managers began noticing that, although restocked lake trout had reached sexual maturity, their lake-spawned young were not surviving.
Where electricity is available, automatic teller machines will be restocked as soon as they are approachable.
Summary: WASHINGTON -- US companies restocked at a faster pace in January, a sign that businesses expect stronger job growth to fuel more sales.
Cllr Abbott, pictured, raised the issue at a meeting of Redcar and Cleveland Council and asked when the lake had last been restocked with fish.
Now the vandals have struck again - just days after Eston Residents Association volunteers restocked the tubs.