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Mr Dixon said Uchumi will be restocking all its 20 stores at the weekend in a bid to revive the local brand.
Sluggish restocking by companies and deep cuts in defense spending are expected to keep growth at the end of last year weak.
In fact, Acer's move to slow inventory restocking regardless of the launch of Windows 8 could be tracked earlier, when the chairman J.
Restocking fees aren't illegal in Massachusetts, but, really, are the little elves in the stockroom just lazy?
The exercise is part of a three-year programme which targets rivers and stillwaters that would benefit most from restocking.
Severely curtailed trade will dry up the money for restocking as poaching soars.
The new bill allows car dealers to charge a fee for consumers who want an optional two-day waiting period, and allows them to charge a restocking fee if the consumer decides to return the vehicle.
A new, more practical approach to transporting cartons and stocking shelves, the StockMate Restocking Truck is the biggest innovation in supermarket stocking since the "U-boat-style" restocking trucks first arrived more than 30 years ago.
Retailers charge this fee because they often have to discount or discard opened or used merchandise, explains Jenny Bohuslavsky, a spokeswoman for Best Buy, which charges a 15% restocking fee on camcorders, radar detectors, notebook computers, and digital cameras.
A Defra spokesman said yesterday, "As part of the restocking there is testing taking place and one of the sheep, among a flock of 160, tested antibody positive which would suggest it had come into contact with sheep with the disease at some point in the past.
THOUSANDS of fish were released into the River Anker this week as part of a major restocking programme.