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Teachers are encouraged to send their students out into the community to document local restorable assets: vacant lots that could be community gardens; crack houses that could be demolished; eroded streams that could be restored, public parks that could be renovated, etc.
This deficiency manifests itself in state provisions requiring periodic review of defendants deemed restorable and committed in furtherance of that goal.
Vintage enthusiasts are also always on the lookout for something that they consider to be restorable.
CDP systems can provide fine granularity of restorable objects to infinitely variable recovery points".
The reference compiles current concepts and procedures in the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of these injuries in pediatric patients, with chapters on airway issues, the use of restorable material in surgery, soft tissue and bony injury, orbital trauma, mandibular fractures, trauma to developing teeth, frontal sinus fractures and neurological issues, and injuries related to facial growth and fracture patterns.
In the worst case, if normal bowel function is not restorable, they may have to take one daily enema for the rest of their lives.
Experts say about 70% of her hull is in a restorable condition, but estimate it would cost up to pounds 20m.
Nationally, it is the most iconic concert organ of the 1920s and is readily restorable as nothing has been spoilt or altered.
One bidder at a recent BCA auction did and came with an honest, restorable 1966 Aston Martin DB6.
CDP systems may be block, file-, or application-based and can provide fine granularities of restorable objects to infinitely variable recovery points in time.
1997) Joint working and spare capacity assignment in a link restorable mesh network, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, Technical Report 96-CSE-16.