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The Glasspar G3 is a classic boat and is one of the most popular restorable fiberglass boats.
Out of 126 glass artefacts, 42 were smashed, 12 were damaged but restorable and 72 were unaffected.
I'm not sure if it's restorable because somebody has used an acetylene torch on a couple of parts of that steam engine,'' Mr.
While some elements of the former system were restorable, Temple suggests it will take years--probably decades--to once more optimize the evolutionary mix of "products, processes, and applications" that assure high reliability in spacecraft.
Click the OK button to begin instructions on how to put the device into a restorable state
These scars represent potentially restorable habitat, provided landowners are willing to participate in restoration activities.
Teeth number 17 and 16 were restorable, but 26 and 27 were grossly carious with associated buccal swelling and the diagnosis was periapical periodontitis (Figs 2 and 3).
The FPM member, Ziad Abbas, confirmed in this regard that all the damaged buildings are restorable.
105) Further, defendants deemed restorable face commitment for only sixty days in Massachusetts, (106) while the same defendant arrested in Rhode Island can be committed for twenty years (107)--or potentially indefinitely in Pennsylvania.
The company said its unique chemical composition is restorable, non-toxic, forms of a strong bond between tissue layers and allows for nature healing, which may ultimately provide the patient with a quicker return to normal activity.
The right front fender had been backed into, but other than that, the car appeared to be in restorable condition.
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