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For in Restoration times the taste was for art rather than for natural beauty.
True, but some day they do them justice; and supposing a second restoration, you would then pass for a great man.
Pray mention this to Miss Roseberry (whenever you think it desirable), with the respectful expression of my sympathy, and of my best wishes for her speedy restoration to health.
Precision Restorations typically handles 30 simultaneous projects at different restoration stages in its 24,000-square-foot location at 4151 Forest Park Ave.
The objective of this study was to assess the retention of composite restorations placed in anterior teeth.
The differences between the physical properties of teeth and those of restorative materials lead to the formation of gaps at the tooth/restoration interface and consequent marginal microleakage, which is considered the main cause of failures in dental composite restorations.
Because it is a New York City Landmark, all work on 90 West Street was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which ensures that exterior restorations are historically accurate.
Compleat Restorations 800-699-1176 CompleatRestorations.
During the mentorship phase, each EFDA receives direct feedback on all restorations by his/her Designated Trainer (DT).
Government agencies lead most large-scale restorations, but those agencies must first have widespread political support from people who rely on the ecosystems.
What happens when a partner's limited deficit restorations provision is reduced?
The National Restoration Network, a furniture and cabinet restoration company specializing in assisting its insurance industry clients to quickly, professionally and cost-effectively resolve claims involving furniture and cabinets, has changed its name to National Restorations, president and CEO, Christopher Grandpre, announced today.