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When restoratives had been applied several of the men regained consciousness, and then the whole story was told.
In place of Miss Knag being stationed in her accustomed seat, preserving all the dignity and greatness of Madame Mantalini's representative, that worthy soul was reposing on a large box, bathed in tears, while three or four of the young ladies in close attendance upon her, together with the presence of hartshorn, vinegar, and other restoratives, would have borne ample testimony, even without the derangement of the head-dress and front row of curls, to her having fainted desperately.
The good-natured locksmith was still patting her on the back and applying such gentle restoratives, when a message arrived from Mrs Varden, making known to all whom it might concern, that she felt too much indisposed to rise after her great agitation and anxiety of the previous night; and therefore desired to be immediately accommodated with the little black teapot of strong mixed tea, a couple of rounds of buttered toast, a middling-sized dish of beef and ham cut thin, and the Protestant Manual in two volumes post octavo.
He next had recourse to the administration of potent restoratives, such as screwing the patient's thumbs, smiting her hands, abundantly watering her face, and inserting salt in her mouth.
These united restoratives, administered with great energy: especially that department consigned to Master Bates, who appeared to consider his share in the proceedings, a piece of unexampled pleasantry: were not long in producing the desired effect.
the landlady, assisted by a chambermaid, proceeded to vinegar the forehead, beat the hands, titillate the nose, and unlace the stays of the spinster aunt, and to administer such other restoratives as are usually applied by compassionate females to ladies who are endeavouring to ferment themselves into hysterics.
Non-profit organizations, First Nations and community groups are invited to apply for an Alberta Community Restorative Justice Grant.
The Restorative Hub, launched in 2016, will train volunteers from across County Durham and Darlington to support victims, by offering them the chance to meet and communicate with their offender.
has been named president of the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Graduate School, the first graduate school wholly devoted to restorative practices.
A restorative justice program that focuses less on suspensions and more on students making amends for disruptive behavior is gaining traction in Oakland USD, and will be implemented in all of the districts 86 schools over the next five years.
That is the question raised in a new a Restorative Justice campaign supported by Kirklees Community Safety Partnership and West Yorkshire Police.
AN INTERNATIONAL campaign to introduce restorative justice has been backed by Cleveland Police and the area's crime commissioner.

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