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It was found that the cold cure acrylic resin showed significant marginal discrepancy in direct technique used compared to the other provisional restorative materials [19].
To obtain optimal adhesive bond between the restorative material and hard tissues of the tooth, it is advisable to proceed with the estab- lishment of the permanent restoration after a period of approximately 10 days after the last bleaching therapy.
The clinical performance of RMGIC as a restorative material has been proven superior to its conventional form in several studies in primary molars reviewed by Chadwick and Evans [2007], and at least as good as amalgam [Qvist et al.
Hence, an attempt was made to study the shear bond strength of repaired porcelain fused metal restoration by using different types of commercially available composite restorative materials and its interface adaptation.
Like natural tooth, effect of these acidic drinks on the restorative materials couldnot be undermined.
A temporary restorative material was seen on the palatal aspect of maxillary right central incisor.
Al-Samadani, "Color stability of restorative materials in response to Arabic coffee, Turkish coffee and Nescafe," The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, vol.
Considering these issues, further studies are needed to find a way to compensate light attenuation aggravated by the interposition of indirect restorative materials.
3 The increasing demands of patients in terms of aesthetics and the character of micro-invasive restorative materials placed directly on anterior teeth is at the heart of current concerns.
It has high compressive strengths and withstand masticatory forces hence it is added advantage as a posterior restorative materials.
2003], has been shown to reduce the incidence of caries at the population level, considerable attention has been focused on fluoride-containing restorative materials.
In addition, chapters are included on clinical detection of restorative materials during scaling and polishing, infection control, disinfection of impression materials, dentures, and oral appliances, as well as general rules for handling dental materials.