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It was found that the cold cure acrylic resin showed significant marginal discrepancy in direct technique used compared to the other provisional restorative materials [19].
Less common restorative materials for posterior teeth include glass ionomers, gold, and porcelain.
Ultimately, the reduced research and development costs may lead to restorative materials less expensive for patients.
Adhesion to restorations is achieved by using bonding agents and is essential in modern restorative materials from mechanical, biological and aesthetic perspectives.
It releases functional ions such as fluoride, hydroxyl, and calcium ions as the pH drops in the area immediately adjacent to the restorative materials, as a result of active bacterial plaque.
That dental amalgams are the major source of Cd body burden has been questioned (Koh and Koh 2007), and further study is needed to determine the relative contribution of dental restorative materials to Cd exposure in the U.
Antibacterial composite restorative materials for dental applications
Bacterial microleakage and pulp inflammation associated with various restorative materials.
Are you prepared to work with a variety of restorative materials that may be necessary to use because of disability-related issues?
Identification and characterization of estrogen-like components in commercial resin-based restorative materials.
Kerr Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative dental restorative materials, announced today that its SonicFill bulk fill composite system has been named a recipient of the Pride Institute's Best of Class Technology Award ("Emerging Technology" category) for a second consecutive year.