restore equilibrium

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The discussions during tomorrow's meeting will focus on ways to restore equilibrium between supply and demand and serve the interests of oil consumers and exporters," the minister pointed out.
The summit has stated that Amman seeks to restore equilibrium to the Middle East region that international policy and the world capitals direly need and that military intervention will not bring international peace at all levels," added the statement.
As his allies prepare to take power, with a strong mandate from Thailand's countryside and his sister Yingluck Shinawatra as prime minister-elect, they must tread lightly to restore equilibrium to a polarized nation and avoid any turbulent backlash from the military-backed elite in Bangkok that they have challenged.
This helps restore equilibrium in normal to oily skin.
The stadium then suffered its second power cut in two hours, plunging the track into darkness until electricity was restored, after which Smith got the better of Larsen who just missed out as the chequered flag fell, with guest for the injured Dakota North, Simon Lambert succumbing to the efforts of Chris Mill in a great battle in the 4-2 to the Stars to restore equilibrium 15-15.
In addition, although micro-economic models posit that in circumstances where supply exceeds demand, a decline in prices for labor, capital, and goods and services will restore equilibrium, the reality is that prices in many markets are downwardly "sticky" and do not readily decline.
They need him to restore equilibrium to the Holy Land.
Doing some nature cure therapy can restore equilibrium to the body and also pave the way to ahealthier way of life
The extracts of natural origins will be used as effective ingredients in treatments and spa experiences with an aim to heal and restore equilibrium.
In the third paper, Karl Case explores the mechanisms through which home prices are adjusting to restore equilibrium in the housing market.
The emergency order temporarily banning short selling of financial stocks will restore equilibrium to markets," SEC Chairman Christopher Cox said.