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However, it is essentially important to restrengthen relatively weaker social reintegration which can be instrumental in facilitating relationship between ex-combatants and communities at local level.
Biofeedback treatment and regular exercise can restrengthen these muscles.
Because of these lessons, the province tried to restrengthen its programs, which resulted to the achievement of the main zero-casualty goal from 2007 despite the destructive typhoons and even with another explosive eruption of Mayon Volcano in December 2009 and January 2010.
A second means that Hoven is using to restrengthen the retailer is expansion.
But the storm was expected to restrengthen over warm Caribbean waters to a hurricane again by the time it's expected to thread the needle Thursday between Cuba and Jamaica.
Chaudhry Ahmad said that proper attention should be made on different departments of the PIA to restrengthen the airlines.
I'm expecting an overflow of grace, love and inspiration from Pope Francis' visit, which I hope will restrengthen our Catholic faith and renew the nation.
There are some concerns that it would head back out to sea and reform or restrengthen.
Gary SongHuann Lin, Teco's new representative in Manila, said in a recent interview that the "small incident" should not affect relations between the two sides, adding that his government "has goodwill to restrengthen the relationship.
The CAP wants to further restrengthen WAPDA's role as a partner for the revival of construction industry.