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Despite this special need for discipline, when law enforcement agencies have attempted to restrict the off-duty relationships of an officer with a private citizen rather than a co-worker, the courts have supported, in most cases, the officer's claim that the restriction constitutes an unconstitutional intrusion into his or her rights of privacy and freedom of association.
While the UN is working to harmonize international food standards, including dietary supplements, its proponents say it's not a secret conspiracy of New World Order folk plotting to restrict the world's access to dietary supplements, as Hammell and a growing number of allies in the "patriot" movement suggest.
I intend to support legislation imposing a 6 percent cap on the FAIR Plan which would rescind Quackenbush's decision to restrict homeowner access to this program.
But once the call has been completed, it restricts the dialing of additional digits.
The goals of the program are to inform consumers about the availability of Call ID, which displays the caller's phone number, and educate consumers about choices they have to restrict the display of their phone numbers.
Case studies examining strategies used by the leading pharmaceutical companies to restrict parallel trade