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Assembly was achieved in the pFastBac1 donor plasmid by exploiting unique restriction sites to concatenate the entire genome from 3 sub-clones.
The insertion of the KpnI restriction site allowed the circularization of the linear amplicon.
The nature of the TRFLP analysis makes definitive identification of TRFs difficult, because numerous unrelated bacteria groups may share restriction sites, and fluorochrome dye labels and purine content can influence sizing errors during analysis (Schutte et al.
This enzyme has a unique restriction site at base 170 in the Fayoumi line.
6] paired-end reads, 97% of which were mapped to restriction sites with the predicted fragment length and used for subsequent analysis (see Table 1 in the online Data Supplement).
The presence of a restriction site is denoted by a "1", while "0" denotes the absence of the site.
Methods for DNA extraction and restriction site analysis are the same as in earlier studies (Soreng et al.
Thus, when a mutation that creates a restriction site is present, the fragment will be cut; if the mutation destroys a restriction site, it will not be cut.
Tell students that the Shh gene has a SaclI restriction site at base pair #19 (SacII is another restriction enzyme).
Authentication of canned tuna and bonito by sequence and restriction site analysis of polymerase chain reaction products of mitochondrial DNA.
The sequences from the four species of BF cirrhosae have the restriction site (CCC[and]GGG) of endonucleases SmaI, while other species from the Fritillaria genus do not have this sequence in the same site (Fig.
Hinf I Species Restriction site Fragments Pattern Paranthrene simulans -- (a) 606 A Vitacea polistiformis 203 203, 403 B Melittia satyriniformis 102 102, 504 C Pennisetia marginata 102 102, 504 C Synanthedon rileyana 15, 102, 270 87, 168, 336 D S.