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The mere presence of a no-aid clause in the constitution might not be enough of a need if the clause is not being interpreted restrictively to curtail programs that otherwise would be permitted under the Federal Establishment Clause.
should be construed flexibly, not technically or restrictively, and that
S&P's conceive that this crisis in Eurozone works restrictively to the lending capability of the Republic of Cyprus and reduces the prospects for economic growth.
In the literature that seeks to evaluate such proposals the label is therefore used restrictively and precisely to denote a particular kind of activity--i.
But above all, the national government wants to expand and urbanize the city, developers wants to come in, private investors too have all along cry for land to put their heads down, where are we going to accommodate all these interests in a city already occupied, restrictively manage by certain elite of our society.
Scope of the work will be draw up and implement a communications strategy which comprises, neither exhaustively nor restrictively, activities such as seminars, conferences, television and radio programmes, press articles and various publications, whilst favouring audiovisual productions and the Internet as the dominant media, and any other activities which the tenderer considers pertinent, improve the quality of the targeted, pertinent and highly-visible media activities (television, radio, printed and electronic press, etc.
Of course, it's good to have economical guys with the ability to bowl restrictively, but the real match-winners in oneday cricket are the bowlers who take key wickets at crucial times.
18 (CF805559), and Ha-VTG1 (CF805561) were restrictively expressed in ovaries of H.
Our High Court emphasised the needs to ensure the purity of the register may be paramount, and the person aggrieved should be interpreted liberally rather than restrictively, with some limits so as to discourage "applications for rectification or removal by busybodies or common informers or strangers proceeding wantonly or persons without any interest in the Register or the functions it serves beyond gratifying an intellectual concern or reflecting merely sentimental motives.
Control sows were fed a standard diet (control), which was given restrictively throughout gestation.
Are the statements in Matthew 22:7 and 23:32-36 productions of a later falsifying and anti-Semitic editor, as Flusser claims, or the voice of a Jewish author who more restrictively (yet polemically) places the blame for the destruction of the Temple upon the Jews of Jerusalem and Judea, reflecting in part the redactor's own attitude toward the regional authorities of his own time?
Cases like Littleton proved to Congress that the courts were using the substantially limits prong of the ADA too restrictively.