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The Social Restrictiveness subscale (SRS) measures the desire to restrict people with mental illness from society.
The data suggest that prior to the financial crisis most countries, regardless of exchange rate regime, held significant reserve stocks and in many cases maintained some degree of capital account restrictiveness.
fix the excessive restrictiveness of their zoning laws, whereas they are
Nursing and BBM students responded similarly to statements in the Restrictiveness sub-scale.
increases in the restrictiveness of zoning in central cities.
26) Kee, Nicita, and Olarreaga (2009) compute trade restrictiveness indices that are based on tariffs and non-tariff barriers such as import quotas, subsidies, and antidumping duties.
Not only does restrictiveness of living decrease by two full points using the ROLES scale, but grade point averages increase, use of medication decreases, and recidivism is significantly less.
For example, although existing systems of preferences grant low-income countries a relatively low tariff for their agricultural exports, about 5% on average, once the ad valorem equivalent effect of NTMs is taken into consideration the total restrictiveness becomes much larger, at about 27%.
He finds the restrictiveness of Aristotle's position to be 'ungenerous, failing to acknowledge adequately the moral worth of the struggle that most human beings have to mount against their own myriad weaknesses of character' (9).
And, according to the recent OECD report on the restrictiveness of FDI regulations, Korea has jumped from ranking 41st out of 42 countries in 1997 to 10th in 2010.
The fact that the book leaves room for further research is challenging, inviting other scholars to test the CPI and Howard's theories of liberalization and restrictiveness of citizenship policies.
While that does not make these restrictions less costly for the Canadian economy (in the sense that Canadians are not allowed to benefit from what foreign investors might be able to bring to sectors in which FDI is restricted), they are not what particularly hurts Canada's position in the OECD FDI restrictiveness ranking.