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The importance to landlords of income stability, risk avoidance and reduced capital investment can give the tenant a useful edge in negotiating a restructured lease.
Commercial banks and life insurance companies originated the bulk of foreclosed or restructured loans: 55.
Some factors that could significantly affect the Company's restructuring initiatives include, without limitation, the economic environment of the airline industry, the Company's ability to negotiate restructured obligations with its creditors and lessors, the success of the Company's cost-cutting initiatives in enhancing profitability and the economic environment in general.
As previously announced, it is expected that, among other things, the terms of the Company's proposed debt restructuring will result in substantial dilution of current shareholders of the Company, leaving them with approximately 5% of the equity of the restructured Company, plus warrants which, under certain conditions, will provide them with an opportunity to acquire up to an additional 5% of Company equity after the restructuring is completed.
Known as hands-on turnaround specialists, Kroll Zolfo Cooper professionals have successfully managed hundreds of complex situations and restructured billions of dollars of debt.
The restructured obligations total approximately US$879 million, including US$473 million of secured export notes (SENs) and US$406 million of bank debt.
have reached an agreement with GECAS, a creditor and the Company's largest lessor, to restructure their obligations in conjunction with the comprehensive restructuring program announced March 28, 2003, and commenced making payments to GECAS on a restructured basis.