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Restructuring is making a global impact on the job market, as well.
In Michigan, a state that is about two years ahead in reporting, 85 percent of 133 schools under restructuring improved to meet Adequate Yearly Progress in one year, according to the Center on Education Policy.
The creditors should ultimately adopt a multi-faceted strategy for effectively managing and advancing the restructuring process.
When assets become misaligned or less than optimally managed, there is clearly an increasing opportunity to create economic value by restructuring companies, restoring what markets perceive as a more optimal mix of assets.
115 does not specify how to treat a difference between the basis in the loan being restructured and the fair value of the debt security received on the date of restructuring--in other words, how to treat a recovery or further write-down in value that exists at the restructuring date.
After the restructuring, Warburg would hold approximately 40 percent and Prudential approximately 27 percent of the equity of the company on a fully diluted basis but before the exercise of Warburg's warrants.
Those debtors argue a general restructuring of liabilities in a chapter 11 proceeding may not always occur, and Statement no.