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However, when the case is restudied and the correct homeopathic medicine prescribed, the symptoms will dramatically resolve, leaving the patient improved or well.
This new gesture of the Vatican concerning D'Escoto brings hope that some serious questions of the past can be restudied with more calm and less conflictive rhetoric.
The employment freeze would be upheld at each public department until each ministry develops a restudied organizational chart for its departments, in coordination with the State Ministry for Administrative Reform.
M / 10) dated on 1/5/1420H that was restudied in pursuant to article (17) of Majlis Al-Shura law.
This experiment was very similar to the other with one major distinction: Instead of taking the initial tests, participants restudied the items.
By the time he arrives in Eugene, he will have restudied the music, working not from that well-thumbed copy but from an unmarked edition that will allow him to "read" the music fresh.
The site has been restudied twice, in 1958 by Sears and Johannes Iverson, the eminent European palynologist (unpublished), and in 1986-88 by Linda Shane (Shane 1989).
Ali Abu Hulaiqa, chairman of Legal and Constitutional Committee in the parliament, said, "Drugs law should be restudied and developed.
Unfortunately, all fossil material described by Freudenberg is lost and, therefore, cannot be restudied.
One can both get an idea as to what needs to be restudied and have enough time to regulate studying to perform better on a given quiz if necessary.
Because her symptoms persisted, the patient returned to her physician, who restudied the radiograph.