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Schmitz here restudies four previously published inscriptions which feature problematic readings and on which there is no scholarly consensus.
The generation interconnection reforms will provide certainty and transparency in transmission planning by decreasing the number of restudies and relieving congestion bottlenecks.
This has greatly increased the workload of our planning staff in keeping up with studies and restudies assessing the impact and feasibility of interconnection projects.
PJM proposes a six-month queue cycle which will replace the three-month planning cycle, and should result in fewer restudies and greater accuracy in the modeling used to assess the project.
Restudies on body surface of dung beetle and application of its bionics flexible technique[J].
Keller, 1968), if the feedback were to result in students requesting and submitting less unit tests, then from a behavioral perspective, the restudies would necessarily be defined as punitive in nature.
During the term in which the first author taught a CAPSI-assisted senior-level psychology course, low levels of student persistence indicated that the restudies may be serving a punitive function.
The dependent variables include the number of students who requested tests, number of cancelled tests, number of tests passed, number of restudies, and the percentage of students who attempted unit tests, per week in the course.
As access has improved and restudies have become increasingly common, we have realized that, in many cases, the more we know, the more we know there is to know.
One advantage that Fischer sees emerging from periodic restudies is the prospect of dispensing with the concept of the 'ethnographic present' and thus being able to view societal issues over a period of time.
and he will remain such until a competent forensic specialist restudies the skeleton and disagrees," they hold.
The author restudies these 140 pieces in great detail and provides parallels from excavations published after the original Samaria report.