resultant action

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Luke's theology involves not simply contemplation but also a resultant action.
John Miller, prosecuting, said the resultant action had been "substantial".
The rhetoric, however, is empty if the resultant action does not successfully tackle the initial problem.
It is possible these newer cameras and resultant action could lead people away from doing these sorts of things.
The resultant action to correct this shortfall integrated the medical battalion (area support), medical battalion (evacuation), and medical logistics battalion into a single Multifunctional Medical Battalion (MMB).
By the late 1980s, however, because of the millions of prayers and the resultant action of the Holy Spirit, the Soviet Empire collapsed.
What kind of resultant action would this cause in the neck in a fall?
The controversy runs the gamut from claims by environmental groups that flame retardants used in the equipment is hazardous, and resultant action by the European Union, to a CPSC defense of the safety of inkjet printers.
Part of the legal argument in a case like the one brought against the Jenny Jones show, Leonard says, is that the resultant action should have been "foreseeable.
Resultant action taken by management to ameliorate unseen or unexpected issues affecting financial statements is expected to improve corporate risk management.
The narrow window of time available prior to the issuance of a final rule for new plants should be used to seek and obtain the judicial relief described above because the resultant action is science based, economically sound and is grounded in well established principles of administrative law.
Their response to the public and resultant action should be made time boundill the Lok Pal be able to correct this?