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Hayes led ReSurge to become a sustainable international-development organization.
With similarly sharp rivals thin on the ground this weekend, Resurge, who is 4lb lower in the weights than when victorious at Epsom last June, should rightly be considered a major player.
The more extinguished the problem behavior before the commencement of reinforcement for an appropriate response, the less likely that problem behavior will resurge if reinforcement for appropriate behavior is discontinued (cf.
Today Skillglass, a subsidiary of Resurge, controls 87% of the group.
Since," Luconi states, "the sense of Italianness among the Philadelphians of Italian extraction did not decline during the Depression decade or in the wake of both World War II and its aftermath, it could hardly resurge in the 1970s" (p.
As European economies begin a recovery, beer sales are expected to resurge.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Interplast, the first humanitarian organization to provide free reconstructive surgery for the poor in developing countries, announced today that it has changed its name to ReSurge International.
With a 50-person Nepalese team, ReSurge International (formerly Interplast) is responding to the significant surgical needs of the Nepal Earthquake victims.
Course specialists If Splendid Light underperforms again the race looks wide open, with triple course-and-distance winner Resurge just one of several with really good track form.
It pointed out that the finalization of the lease arrangements of 43 acres of land for the prestigious project by DHA to Creek Developers is a milestone achievement which will give a boost and resurge to the unfolding economic regression in the country.
Pakistan and its neighbouring sub-tropical countries suffer from various vector-borne diseases such as Malaria, plague, dengue fever, and leishmaniasis that tend to resurge with deadly results," said Ms.
The Directors of Resurge believe the claim is totally spurious and