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2007) observed more resurgence following treatment with DRO than with DRA with pigeons.
Resurgence Brewery, located in the City of Batavia is a wild beer fermentation and production brewery for specialty or craft beers.
Resurgence was first studied in the laboratory with nonhuman animals (Leitenberg, Rawson, & Bath, 1970; Lieving & Lattal, 2003).
Independence Day: Resurgence is scheduled to release in the UAE on July 7.
Tan said he fears for the resurgence of the red tide toxic infestation in the Bay following the failure of the Catbalogan city government to clean up their garbage dumpsite at Barangay Mahayag, Catbalogan City.
This acquisition is Aurora Capital's second new investment in its Resurgence Fund II, it said.
A resurgence of fighting in Sudan's western Darfur region has driven 300,000 people from their homes so far this year, UN humanitarian aid chief Valerie Amos said on Thursday.
With just a few policy shifts, however, manufacturing in America can experience a resurgence that will ensure new innovation, increased productivity, more jobs, and a rise in living standards on our shores.
TVR, a UK-based sports car manufacturer that has been inactive since 2006, has closed its doors for good with no chance of resurgence, according to reports coming out of the UK.
The study, which linked overall weakened malaria control programs to the majority of global resurgences since 1930, analysed the causes of 75 documented episodes of malaria resurgence throughout the world over the past 80 years, both in countries that were close to eliminating the disease and those with higher transmission rates that were attempting to control it.
Summary: French insurance group Axa France, which just established a road map on resurgence of competitiveness and productivity efforts, will create 1,500 jobs in Morocco by 2012, stated, on Tuesday, French daily economic news paper "Les Echoes".
The dive team from Maritime Resurgence arrived at the cliffs near Porth Dafarch in May to launch the underwater search off Holy Island in the hope of discovering a sunken 18th century French galleon.