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He claimed to have the power to resurrect dead people and the third day of his visit was held at The Palace hotel, Adliya, because the NEC could no longer contain the crowd.
Richard Francis, chairman of CCF, said he was hopeful representatives of the two co-operatives could meet quickly to resurrect talks.
THE COLONEL'S DREAM resurrects a time when our nation was recovering from one of the bloodiest wars in history and struggling to regain its identity as a unified country.
Or, more succinctly, to preach a word of grace that doesn't resurrect Jesus.
While most users would not be able to resurrect the "deleted" file, anyone with advanced technical knowledge or the right software could do it easily.
The Vatican is attempting to resurrect its influence in the United States.
Our idea is that we could help resurrect PDVSA," he says.
In the business world, computer forensics can be used to restore corrupted or lost data, resurrect outdated systems and software environments, and analyze common security breach activities.
Veteran star Clint Eastwood wants to resurrect his character Harry Callahan and take the action away from the USA.
As Kjell Furberg (who is heading the campaign to resurrect the cinema) says, the Ministry of Culture should take over the building to make it an international cinema centre.
Auto Business News-April 26, 2012--Nissan Motor Company to resurrect and retool Cima(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
The team used computational reconstruction of ancestral gene sequences, DNA synthesis, protein engineering and X-ray crystallography to resurrect and manipulate the gene for a key hormone receptor as it existed in our earliest vertebrate ancestors more than 400 million years ago.