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And resurrecting a fallen name could deliver powerful results with a little kitsch.
As you say, we must preach grace without resurrecting Jesus.
Stallone, who could be as old as 60 before the film gets made, is holding talks with movie bosses about resurrecting the 80s blockbusters, which centred on a violent, disillusioned Vietnam veteran.
Resurrecting Empire: Western Footprints and America's Perilous Path in the Middle East, by Rashid Khalidi, Boston: Beacon Press, 223 pages, 823
Perhaps resurrecting a once-lost genre, the anti-Reagan song/band once prevalent in the early- to mid-eighties, comes Reagan SS.
Issue reviewed contained pieces on maximizing your marketing dollar; how to create online banner, split-screen and interstitial ads that get results; resurrecting a poor company image; how today's top e-mail programs reward customer loyalty; a brief profile of 1-800-FLOWERS founder Jim McCann; and six ways to battle burnout.
They believe resurrecting their whaling tradition would revive the tribe's sagging spirit.
LOS ANGELES--In this town where noble dreams often die for lack of green, John Clifford's dream of resurrecting Los Angeles Ballet may die before the curtain even goes up.
The IRS has now entered the picture, resurrecting Farnum by questioning the eligibility of a leveraged ESOP transaction for exemption from the prohibited transaction rules under Sec.
Peek, 54, head of asset management, is said to be coming on strong after resurrecting the firm's asset management division.
Soulmates: Resurrecting Eve is a strong recommendation for college-level audiences and argues for a return to the traditional perspective of men and women as seen in the Bible.
Washington, September 24 (ANI): By resurrecting ancient proteins, University of Oregon researchers have found that evolution is irreversible, and can only go forward.