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When ambulance staff arrived, they were greeted by a patient who had been successfully resuscitated and praised the remark-remarkable actions of the bystanders.
To reach the conclusion, scientists compared babies who were resuscitated at birth with those who had a problem-free delivery.
He was resuscitated by police and firefighters before the ambulance arrived, which took him to Sunderland Royal Hospital.
Editor's Note: The hospital was indeed fortunate that this patient who was resuscitated not once, but twice, contrary to a bona fide DNR order, was not resuscitated only to live the remainder of his life in a comatose state.
However, documents were falsified to make it look like she had undertaken proper observations and the patient was not to be resuscitated.
Speak openly with your family about whether you want to be resuscitated and whether you want to be maintained if you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious.
She suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and was resuscitated.
He was in respiratory arrest when admitted to the Lynchburg General Hospital and had to be resuscitated.
The man did not have an advance directive, so the social service coordinator asked him if he wanted to be resuscitated in the event that his heart stopped beating.
Charles has a huge range of voices, although Kincade's voice sounds as if it had been run over by a truck and barely resuscitated and is a little too different from everyone else's voice to be comfortable to the listener's ear.
Palisades Financial resuscitated the deal and supervised all aspects of development.
Over nearly 22 months, the trainees at sites equipped with defibrillators resuscitated 29 people who had suffered cardiac arrest compared with only 15 CPR--only resuscitations by their counterparts in the places without the devices, says Joseph P.