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Different views about the future of Kremikovtzi site have been recently discussed by the Bulgarian public and authorities, including a possible retainment of the operating mill, creating a museum, a residential neighborhood and a new industrial park.
Once it's time to test new treatments, clinical trials are beset by numerous obstacles in recruitment and retainment, (According to one estimate, some 70 percent of ongoing clinical trials in the U.
Thus, ensuring adequate enrichment with fish oil or other sources of EFA by means of EFA requirements and sufficient fatty acids retainment in the muscle tissue is needed.
Determination of the solids retainment effectiveness of disposable swim diapers.
Our efforts in the recruitment, training and retainment of Qataris at IBQ have been recognized by the Ministry of Labour.
Therefore, employees should be managed as assets, from the recruiting and selection process through the development and performance management evaluation process, career development, promotion and advancement, long-term participation in the company, retainment and, if necessary, separation from the company.
Data for Research Registry are not shown because retainment data are identical to recruitment data.
2] functionality of Na-AHA and the -COOH end groups of PA6 led to the retainment of the "network-like" structure of MWNT even in the solid state.
Our apprenticeships enjoy excellent achievement and retainment rates and the vast majority of them succeed in obtaining employment once they achieve the full qualification.
No compromise on accountability:C0mpanies that are serious about increasing minority representation in their workforce or among their supplier partners are working with substantive measures in place, such as linking executive bonuses to recruitment and retainment of minority employees, or evaluating marketing staff by how well products sell in minority neighborhoods.
A proactive assessment of performance can eliminate weaknesses that threaten customer retainment and new prospects.
Agricultural practices that enhance the SOC stock include the conversion of the uplands to rice paddies, large quantities of residue retainment, integrated nutrient management based on the liberal use of biosolids and compost, and conservation-effective systems (Lal 2002).