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Rules state the referee should have ordered the penalty to be retaken - but she instead awarded a free-kick to the Norwegians.
According to the explanation which was made by the Peshmarga forces that El Vahde, Halit and Saad villages located in southwestern of Kirkuk was retaken from the ISIL in the operation in which also anti- terror police also joined.
But in the final minuted All Black replacement Ryan Crotty scored in the corner, and although Aaron Cruden's conversion attempt missed, referee Nigel Owens ruled that Ireland had rushed the kicker too soon and ordered the kick retaken.
He claimed the occupants had produced forged ownership documents to the authorities concerned, saying almost all state land had been retaken in Logar.
French and Malian troops have retaken the airport, very soon we will move into Timbuktu and continue retaking the north of the country," Malian Captain Konate said.
Mark Nicolson missed Elgin's original penalty and sub keeper Blair Lochhead came off the Queen's bench to keep out Jason Crook's retaken kick.
Tripoli, March 2 (ANI): In the latest development, the Gadaffi regime has retaken at least two towns near Tripoli from rebels.
MARK HUGHES insisted Clint Dempsey's penalty should have been retaken because of encroachment by Didier Drogba.
Summary: The US crew of a Danish-owned container ship hijacked by Somali pirates appears to have retaken control of the vessel.
Back in November 1969, Terry Poole saved a penalty from Joe Butler, then not only repeated the act when the referee ordered the kick to be retaken, but smothered the ball as the Swindon man attempted to knock in the rebound.
After scoring the retaken penalty, Beattie raced up to the ball, as it bounced back from the goal, and buried it again - only for his muscle to go into spasm after he made contact with it.
A quick read of the SFA website confirmed the penalty should have been retaken as Sheerin "scored".