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RETAKING. The taking one's goods, wife, child, &c., from another, who without right has taken possession thereof. Vide Recaption; Rescue.

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Christopher Cox (R-CA) to succeed William Donaldson at the Securities and Exchange Commission represented the business community retaking control over the SEC from a relative moderate like Donaldson, but Cox is showing himself to be an activist in many respects, imposing new disclosure requirements on C-suite compensation and continuing a number of other initiatives begun under Donaldson, in particular the agency's push to improve the quality of disclosure by companies and mutual funds.
On the technical front, NVLS has managed to display a modicum of strength recently, retaking its 10-day and 20-day moving averages.
It would be difficult to retake Mosul without first fully retaking Beiji, as this would mobilize military forces to the region and cut off ISIS supply lines.
NNA - Military operations aimed at retaking the Iraqi city of Tikrit from ISIS have caused around 28,000 people to flee their homes, the United Nations said Thursday.
Security forces began an attack Tuesday morning to retake the city of Tikrit and succeeded in retaking some government facilities in the south, according to AFP.
Debbie Ratcliffe, a spokeswoman for the TEA, acknowledged that the test retaking requirement does create an added cost for schools.
UP to half of young drivers who get banned don't bother retaking their tests meaning 72,150 could be driving illegally, figures show.
While PARS did not appear to impact the OGT scores of students taking the test for the first time, PARS did show positive impacts on the OGT scores and proficiency rates for students retaking the OGT.
If you're thinking about studying or retaking A Levels or GCSEs, to ensure that you make the right decision for you, why not book an advisory interview at the college?
Out of such musings came an annual marriage-renewal seminar before Valentine's Day, culminating for many in the formal retaking of marriage vows.