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We are confident that these retaliatory tariffs will demonstrate to the United States that Canada is not backing down when it comes to discriminatory COOL requirements, Stewart said.
Any disruption caused by retaliatory tariffs will result in a significant loss of market share that would take years to recover.
Dozens of shells landed on the river's banks near Jermaq and Aishieh as a result of retaliatory Israeli fire, a security source told The Daily Star Monday, adding that the Lebanese Army had cordoned off the area in search of the perpetrators.
The UN's human rights body on Tuesday accused Malian soldiers of carrying out retaliatory attacks that appeared to target specific ethnic groups, and demanded that Mali investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice.
We hope that the United States will comply quickly with its WTO obligations, but affected Canadian and Mexican industries will press their respective governments loud and hard for swift and effective retaliatory tariffs on U.
Media reports say Israeli forces fired retaliatory shots into Syria after a mortar round fired from Syria hit an Israeli post in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.
On Sunday another Syrian mortar shell fell inside the Turkish territory, prompting the retaliatory artillery fire by the Turkish army in a fifth straight day.
The array of steps include barring national airlines from participating in the European Union's carbon scheme, lodging a formal complaint with the United Nations' International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), ceasing talks with European carriers on new routes and imposing retaliatory levies on EU airlines.
The Tenth Circuit held that Howards could sue the agents for First Amendment retaliatory arrest even though the agents had probable cause to arrest him.
The dollar was sold for the yen and Swiss Franc, which were deemed as relatively safe, as fears about retaliatory terror attacks have grown after bin Laden, accused of masterminding the Sept.
However, in view of the nurse's allegations and evidence of the fact that this could have been a case of retaliatory terminated, the court ruled that other considerations came into play.
19) Often, these agencies have the power to cripple small businesses through retaliatory enforcement.