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Meme la compagnie allemande Lufthansa affiche un retard de son vol en partance pour Francfort.
ADDC is developing complementary technologies of safe, potent, long lasting products that are expected to not only kill but retard the regrowth of infective microbials for days, weeks, months and possibly even years.
Thermosets such as SBR, NR, PI, CR and EPDM and thermoplastics like PE, PP and PVC are relatively easy to flame retard and have mechanisms classified as normal.
The patent covers the use of natural and synthetic astaxanthin as a single active ingredient to retard and prevent sunburn in both oral and topical applications.
Le directeur des travaux publics deplore les retards que vont connaEtre les travaux de realisation des quatre tremies sur le troisieme boulevard peripherique alors que le retard accuse par celles de Coca et Les Amandiers a ete rattrape.
These so-called nongravitational forces can advance or retard a comet's date of return by hours or years.
Taro markets other prescription medications in the UK, including the anticonvulsant Teril(R) (carbamazepine) Retard, a generic equivalent to Novartis' Tegretol(R) Retard, and several products used in treating hypertension, diabetes and other disorders.
Des travailleurs, des etudiants, impatients devant le retard des trois trains programmes pour cette matinee, racontent leur calvaire.
announced today that their novel E4orf4 viral death protein was shown to selectively induce apoptosis (the natural process of cell death) in several types of cancer cells in vitro and significantly retard tumor growth in mice.
A third clinical evaluation is assessing the potential of BioAstin to retard and prevent sunburn by ultraviolet light.