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The applications areas of wire and cable that require additional flame retardancy are very interesting.
This work employs a similar approach with the use of PA6 as a charring agent to improve the flame retardancy of the flame-retardant PP/MTAPP composites.
Working with visiting scientist Anand Kanchagar, Cardamone improved the flame retardancy of the biopolished wool by treating it with a heat-resistant polymer that is stable, easy to process, and highly tolerant of extreme temperatures.
1,2) In the process of preparing flame-retardant PU coatings, flame retardancy is mainly provided by the polyols that contain flame-retarding components.
Even though the fire retardancy at this point would not be a requirement for us, I personally think it's going to happen [nationally] eventually.
Apparently, the same sort of fire retardancy that is provided by the tiny inclusions can be attained with conventional fillers but at a level where the filler accounts for as much as 40 to 50% of the mix--which generally means a heavier component than might be desirable.
Taylor's innovative line of sleepwear, which is Consumer Product Commission approved for flame retardancy, is available at specialty boutiques.
For example, it has a good flame retardancy -- UL-94 VO rated at 0.
Even artificial plants can be treated for fire retardancy.
Halogenated organic compounds exhibit good flame retardancy properties.
flame retardancy, of organobromocompounds and prospects for their use.