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Patrol officers may find these "street tests" helpful in recognizing citizens who are mentally retarded.
Price points out that what goes on in the absorber in the usual retarded case after the retarded wave is received is equally improbable: it involves in fact the time-reversal of the motions in the advanced case.
Intelligence Test--The group general mental ability test by Jolota and Hindi adaptation of Stanford--Binet scale revised (LM) Form by Kulshrestha was used to identify the mentally retarded, average and superior intelligent subjects.
Lot 4 Carriage of 26 students for special school for mentally retarded "Heinrich Kielhorn" Grokayna, at the site Grokayna, Schulstrae 30;
Due to the recognition of these people plays a key role in facing with judicial affairs, the present study is to recognize eager and determine the most important crimes of these mental retarded people and the causes of their criminal actions as well as the prevention ways of crimes in terms of police officers and judiciary attorneys.
Key words: Mentally retardation, socio-psychological factors, needs of mentally retarded childrenchildren and parental attitude to them is also presented in this study.
We ask the international community and the countries claiming to be the defender of human rights to prevent the execution of Teresa Lewis in the State of Virginia as she is mentally retarded and is incapable of distinguishing good from bad," Head of the parliament's Human Rights Committee Zohreh Elahian told FNA on Monday.
There have been no specific reliable studies on a national scale for the estimation of mentally retarded children.
Primary school curriculum for educable mentally retarded children was adopted so as to implement beginning in 2001-2002 academic year.
These include the Home for Mentally Retarded Children, Home for Mentally Retarded Adults, School and Home for Mentally Retarded Children, School and Home for Mentally Retarded Adults, Institution for Severe and Profoundly Mentally Retarded Children and Institution for Severe and Profoundly Mentally Retarded Adults.
The songs that I think are the most retarded songs I've written, like 'Cherish' and 'Sorry' - a pretty big hit off my album 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' - end up being the biggest hits," Contactmusic quoted her as saying to Rolling Stone magazine.
She said: "This song is for the emotionally retarded.