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In addition to primary factors, the water vapor diffusion resistance factors of the wall membrane and vapor retarder are critical in the winter, while the exterior heat transfer coefficient ([[alpha].
Usually the concentration of this retarder ranges from 0.
With the increase of localization of foreign products, the product line will extend downward; while domestic enterprises have started to enter the high-end product market; the competition between China and foreign countries is becoming fiercer, especially in the medium-end retarder market.
Le ministere de la Sante tend a retarder l'annee scolaire si les temperatures continuent a augmenter.
The TA400 is also equipped with dual retarder systems, a transmission retarder and exhaust brake, giving operators increased control in loaded, downhill hauls.
The new monitors -- D41P and D42P -- are equipped with LG's new Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D technology, which offers clearer images that makes 3D viewing more comfortable, a statement said.
The only alternative way of repairing the retarder and eliminating the risk of illegal leakage if the R 134A refrigerant that it uses would have been to replace the coil, which Mr Laycock estimates would have cost between 400 [pounds sterling] and 500 [pounds sterling].
In other words, the addition of inhibitor effectively causes a polymerization to cease, whereas the addition of retarder merely reduces the reaction rate.
According to the ASHRAE Handbook, six or seven times as much water deposit can result from air leakage as by vapor diffusion through a wall without a vapor retarder.
Statoil et BP, qui ont conditionne le retour de leurs employes en Algerie par le renforcement de la securite au complexe gazier, n'ont jamais quitte l'Algerie en depit des annonces faites par Robert Dudly, PDG de BP, de retarder certains de ses investissements a In Salah et a In Amenas, prevus pour 2014.
com/research/c94x7j/research_and) has announced the addition of the "Research and Investment Prospect of China Vehicle Retarder Industry, 2014-2018" report to their offering.
Ces trois formations laiques veulent retarder la dissolution de la Chambre jusqu'au vote par les deputes d'une nouvelle loi controversee obligeant les juifs ultra-orthodoxes a effectuer leur service militaire.