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Should the vapor retarder be placed next to or external to the insulation?
The concept of a "smart vapor retarder" was introduced eight years ago in Europe and has become widely accepted there as the leading choice in vapor retarders.
Fiber glass and mineral wool insulation, along with a vapor retarder, help prevent condensation that can lead to mold and corrosion by keeping outside air out.
inhibitors, retarders, or co-promoters) are also needed in unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins to prevent premature gel, as well as to adjust the resin pot life, gel time, and cycle time [2].
Continuous vapor retarders, such as those made of aluminum, also risk puncture during installation.
Attics should have one square foot of vent opening for every 150 square feet of attic floor space, assuming a ceiling vapor retarder is used.
Compared with European and American countries, China's vehicle retarders are mainly used in medium and large-size passenger cars; while the heavy-duty truck retarder market is almost blank.
ECO-SWR: A Secondary Water Retarder That can be Disconnected Another highlight is the secondary water retarder (SWR) for which Voith develops a version that can be disconnected from the driveline.
It meets the thermal resistance requirements in those climate zones and meets the vapor retarder requirements in those climate zones.
With information also available on the range of Jongerius bagging and slicing equipment, Mondial Freddo retarders and provers and Kemper bread and roll plant, Eurobake will present their full bakery system integration expertise and capability.
The company's zinc borate is said to work in concert with virtually all other flame retarders.