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The older subjects performed more poorly on these tasks to begin with, and their ability to retain and retell the stories worsened as much as that of their younger peers.
According to the company, Retell has integrated BlackBerry Alliances Partner Voxsmart's RecordMobiles application with its Ruby Line and Sense solutions, providing a secure and cost-effective way of recording and storing calls made on BlackBerry smartphones.
Phil McDermott, a professional oral storyteller, retells straight to camera, with no musical or visual backups, a variety of traditional stories from different cultures.
Across five oral response measures assessing the comprehension of researcher-developed text (main idea statement, summary, retell quality, number of main ideas in retell, and number of information units in retell), students who received TWA instruction outperformed those in the RQ condition.
Students were asked to read a word problem, retell it in their own words, and solve the problem.
Then they used the sock puppets to retell the story.
The first part of the story (6 pictures) was read to the children in English and they were asked to retell it.
Literature is awash with examples of works that retell well-known tales from the perspective of new characters.
Their teacher quietly puts the book away and selects a special helper, Adam, to sit next to her and retell the story.
Early in 2009, at a meeting with fellow year level teachers, we discussed the read and retell process.
First published in 1978 as Art: African America, this work and its subsequent revisions and expansions continually retell and expand the story of African American Art.