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and Peggy McCracken document in clear and helpful fashion, the range of retellings of the tale of the Buddha is extraordinary.
In order to ensure that there were no reading difficulties, students first orally read the texts without assistance, followed by an unaided retelling and probes based on what had been recalled.
In order to evaluate each retelling I developed a retelling guide for Mercury and the Woodman, assigning values to each character, plot and theme within the story.
Students had three performance opportunities for written retelling immediately following TWA + PLANS instruction.
The purpose of this study is to tell a story of retelling that is, to examine the nature of oral retellings of compare word problems as evidenced in interviews with 16 sixth grade students.
McCaughrean is clearly a fan of the protagonist's sense of humour and gentle personality and uses those temperaments to great effect in this retelling
Award winners Nikki Giovanni and Bryan Collier combine their talents to create a grand retelling of one of the most famous people in American history, Rosa Parks.
The sci-fi adventure movie is a contemporary retelling of H.
This retelling of a Huichol Indian tale by Bonnie Larson is phenomenal.
Students can demonstrate comprehension through the retelling of a story.
Good as New: A Radical Retelling of the Scriptures, published by British company O Books (and called As Good as New in the United Kingdom), was written by British antifundamentalist and retired Baptist minister John Henson, who made some significant changes to allow for the inclusion of gays and lesbians.
In particular, we wanted to see what differences in performance, if any, exist between each child's retelling in German and in English, what the nature of the possible differences in the two retellings is, and whether these possible differences correlate with other measures such as assessments of vocabulary and of MLU.