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Retells were typed later by the assessor, who corrected spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
Research assessors typed outlines and oral and written retells for scoring.
Their teacher quietly puts the book away and selects a special helper, Adam, to sit next to her and retell the story.
Adam comes forward again to retell his version of the story with the same props.
Allende, the author of numerous bestsellers such as The House of the Spirits and Daughter of Fortune, retells the story of the legendary hero Zorro.
These metrics were taken from the students' retells from which idea units were calculated.
Videotapes of students were used to score the reading passages and retells.
PHOTO (1--Color) ``Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'' retells the biblical story of favorite-son Joseph, given a multicolored coat by his father.
We questioned how effectively students were completing retells, as the results saw did not always demonstrate the students' abilities.
The first title is a rollicking ramble that retells the ancient story of Cinderella with a distinctly kiwi take.
Phil McDermott, a professional oral storyteller, retells straight to camera, with no musical or visual backups, a variety of traditional stories from different cultures.
The Make And Do Bible: Reproducible Craft Ideas For Ages 6-12 retells 48 of the best known and most beloved biblical stories; accompanying each story is a simple craft project that encourages young people to express and develop their faith as they think about the Good News.