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The chest x-ray film were reviewed by consultant pediatrician of ward having >5 years clinical experience for the diagnosis and pattern of x-ray chest findings (consolidation or reticular shadow) specific for pneumonia.
The cells are pleomorphic and consist mainly of large heterogeneous reticular cells (black arrow).
05) with reference to those with Hepatitis C; there was one case of a male with Reticular LP and another of a female with Erosive LP.
4) Reticular patterns of edema, radiographically indicated by the presence of Kerley A and Kerley B lines, have also been described as occurring with increasing frequency in the presence of emphysema.
By SEM, capsule of organ and the difference between the layers of the cortex, especially at the junction between the glomerular and fasciculate zone and between the junctions from reticular zone to medullar region was noted.
Activation by attention of the human reticular formation and thalamic intralaminar nuclei.
It is our hope that this case report serves to broaden the differential diagnosis when assessing patients with reticular, hyperpigmented patches, so that a potential history of repeated exposure to a laptop computer or a heat source can be elicited (especially in southern states, where heater use is less common than in colder regions).
0-cm tumor was initially mistaken for reticular erythematous mucinosis, a benign skin condition that occurs when fibroblasts produce abnormally large amounts of mucopolysaccharides.
Se realizo TACAR a 25/28 (89%) pacientes, 8/25 (32%) fue anormal: 12% nodulos subpleurales y 20% patron usual, uno de estos pacientes tenia nodulo y opacidad reticular (Tabla 3); estas alteraciones fueron menores al 25%.
Body temperature of animals could be measured by wide variety of methods and at different locations such as rectal thermometry, implantable microchip temperature transponder, an environmental noncontact infrared thermometer, wireless reticular boluses or ear canal temperature sensor and a panel reader located at a parlor entrance or exit, or a tympanic infrared thermometer.
Precise reevaluation of CT images taken with the air attenuation display setting revealed abnormal reticular strands from the distal transverse colon to the rectum, probably corresponding to the foreign body created by PUF (Figures 3(a) and 3(b)).