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Some architectural differences are reported on otherwise similar lesions, which include two cases with marked verruciform architecture and three cases of a reticulated pattern with elongated strands of keratinocytes (8-11).
These latest additions bring the total number of reticulated giraffes on the island to 37.
The Reticulated African giraffe population has been estimated to range from only 4,500 to 4,700 in the wild.
DISCUSSION: CRP is rare genetically determined defect of keratinisation characterised by persistent asymptomatic warty papular lesions of characteristic distribution with tendency to become confluent centrally & peripheral reticulated pattern.
Reticulated pythons are native to south east Asia, a region in which Chester Zoo is involved in several conservation projects looking to protect animals.
There are just 21 known populations remaining of the reticulated flatwoods salamander and 71 percent of these rely on just a single breeding site.
Reticulated platelets have clinical utility because they can help distinguish bone marrow failure from peripheral destruction in thrombocytopenia.
If it's found and is a reticulated python, the incident will become a law enforcement investigation.
The Reticulated LPG system is a method of supplying LPG in housing colonies/apartments /commercial zones to the customer's premises through piped network from a centralized installation storage for uninterrupted gas supply.
Experts say reticulated pythons are known for their size and patterned skin, and have long been bred in captivity and kept as pets.
georgei, present such a unique character as the striated or reticulated metasoma (Kinsey 1920, Pujade-Villar et al.