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4 reveals a nonlinear variation of the mechanical strain after reticulation.
35x as wide as mesosoma; occiput finely transversely reticulate-striate, slightly margined in front but without a distinct hyperoccipital carina among the fine striation; vertex finely transversely striated behind ocelli, rest faintly reticulate-coriaceous (not transversely so); frons in upper half smooth, in lower half with very weak, oblique reticulation.
Implant designers also have full control over reticulation size, shape, and depth.
There may be some subtle reticulation of the fat surrounding the lymph nodes, however, gross findings of extracapsular extension are rare.
Thus, it appears to us that, except for cases in which imaging studies show reticulation on HRCT, only restrictive or mixed restrictive/obstructive patterns, or (less certainly) a markedly reduced diffusing capacity in the absence of evidence of significant airflow obstruction, allow the diagnosis of RBILD.
The yarns have been linked one with the other forming a spot--wealed reticulation, one in the inferior side and another in the superior side.
Henderson and colleagues have been looking at the ability of portable fluorescence sensors to detect microbial contamination in dual reticulation systems.
Third, it must be attached to a decentralized community water supply system with reticulation to a few households of not more than 200 people in close proximity.
Once cured, this film, which does not contain plasticisers, is thermally stable and has 3-D reticulation.
All these measurements allowed calculating the percentage of reticulation at the different curing times as :
Edison Power specializes in electrical installations in all aspects of the electrical industry including commercial, industrial, High Voltage and Low Voltage reticulation, township reticulation, fibre optic installations, lighting reticulation, electrical and instrumentation erection.
venter convex or flat, characteristic posterior-lateral surface, faint, but distinct reticulation, female with blunt posterior aspects, male more rounded Cypridopsis vidua 5.