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The Islamabad High Court had last week ruled that retired military officers could not hide behind the army's accountability process.
The survey also finds that non-retired Americans are more than three times as likely as those who are retired to say they expect to rely upon a 401(k) (43% vs.
One factor explaining this difference is that there are more investors who have already retired among those aged 50 and older than among those aged 18-49.
In the fourth case the individual was medically retired.
Mohammad Sharif Qureshi, Senior Civil Judge shall stand retired from service with effect from August 31.
Colm 90, a retired Foreign Service officer, died Jan.
According to BETAM, the share of retired people in the 45-54 age category was 24.
If AB 431 becomes law; the CBA would need to initiate a rulemaking to adopt these proposals as minimum requirements for acquiring and maintaining a retired status.
More than one half of those who have not retired said not saving enough or diminished investments were the reason they will delay retiring.
ISTANBUL, Feb 23, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish police detained Monday three more retired military officers under an investigation regarding "Balyoz Plan" allegations.
I REFER to the recent payments of backdated commutation to retired police officers.
Three serving police officers and 10 retired officers attended magistrates in London accused of conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

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