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After clause segmentation of the retellings, using constant comparison analysis (Gee, 2009, 2011; Goetz & LeCompte, 1984; Pappas & Tucker-Raymond, 2001), all retold clauses were categorised based on the relation of the meanings of these clauses to the meanings in the clauses of the text read.
As discussed in the section describing overall problem representation, students from both groups more frequently retold inconsistently-worded problems.
Number of words retold was the total of all words each student retold, with and without prompts.
As the story is read and retold, listeners should be encouraged to join in on repetitive or familiar phrases.
Nine of the Old Testament tales are retold using a rich variety of animation techniques - the latest innovations in computer and puppet technology and the imagination of the world's leading animators.
Retold for the enjoyment of children by Alex Great, and featuring lively illustrations by Yulie Great, Vampire's Bride: A Bulgarian Folktale is the entertaining story of a young princess who receives an offer of marriage from a young man who is half black, half white, and from a far away land.
The folktales, which are hundreds of years old, are retold by African storytellers and have been collected from Kenya, Morocco, Uganda, Zimbabwe and many other countries.
Mann retold the life of gay silent film star Billy Haines, who refused to play it straight and who, when queer scandal struck, brushed off the movies and became a sought-after interior decorator, Now Mann has exhumed another largely forgotten screen icon, and he's cast her in an exciting story of his own.
There is a romance to their tales, with taxes as an important ingredient in these favorite stories, retold from generation to generation.
Together they retold the Greek myth in which Demeter loses her daughter, Persephone, to Hades, King of the Underworld.
For a vivid retelling of an ever-fresh fable, read "The Tortoise and the Hare" retold and illustrated by the inimitable Bernadette Watts.
From the earliest German Oswald legend, to later renditions that were retold in the style of bride- quest romances in which Oswald no longer died as a martyr, St.