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The process - called a continuous retort - means pouches and packs can be produced at similar or even lower prices per unit than tins, processing up to 1,200 packs per minute, using around half the energy and a quarter of the factory space needed for batch retorts.
These retorts are capable of producing 100 000 t/y of retort coke to serve a current customer base in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
In addition to Lagarde, Holmach represents Terlet and Roboqbo in the UK for cook-cool vessels, Revtech for decontamination of dried products, Niko for in-container tunnel pasteurisers and coolers, CFT for fillers and seamers, and Jorgensen for retort handling systems.
Batbaatar, Chairman of NACO said, "Although this year we are doing a trial run after the company retorts were on care and maintenance, it is a major step forward in establishing the company as the primary supplier of clean, smokeless fuel to the Mongolian market.
After the oil is extracted from shale, the depleted retort of heated, rubblized underground shale may be particularly suitable for capturing carbon dioxide, according to Dr.
For information on Allpax laboratory and production retorts, call 985-893-9277 and visit www.
After completion, the retorts will be handed over to the entrepreneurs free of charge who will then take care of the kiln maintenance throughout the over the 20-year life cycle of the retorts.
For example, Estonia uses Galoter and Kiviter retorts [2, 3], Brazil uses Petrosix retorts [4], China uses Fushun-type retorts [5], Australia has scaled up Canadian Taciuk particulate shale retorts called Aostra Taciuk Processing (ATP) [6-8], and Shell Company (USA) is conducting in-situ oil shale retorting pilot testing [5, 9].
Mercury retorts are used in the "baking" process whereby approximately 95% of the mercury is recovered and not released into the atmosphere.
This Guidelines for Operation of Continuous Cookers for In-pack Heat processing of foods--Guideline 69 covers the operation of three different types of continuous heat processing machines used for the sterilisation of packs of food and drink: reel and spiral retorts, hydrostatic retorts, and pasteurisation tunnels.
Continuous Retorts Ltd (CRL) in Gosforth has already won several international patents for its technology which allows food packed in pouches and trays to be continuously pasteurised or sterilised, rather than in batches.
This service is designed to give companies utilizing vertical retorts greater assurance for continued productivity and safe operations through ASME certified parts manufactured by retort experts.