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Measurements presented earlier have already demonstrated that the form and extent of this burin-like retouch is generally identical to that of the specimens McBurney recognised as burins.
This should be considered a minimum count, since the most recent phase of retouch could conceivably remove evidence for a pre-existing morphological state.
We are thrilled to enable our users to quickly and intuitively retouch their images using our very affordable Aurora software.
In just a few clicks, users can Relight, Retouch, add Punch for color contrast, adjust color strength and warmth, tint, crop, straighten, zoom and adjust red-eye in a simple, intuitive and visual way.
Imagine you had to retouch three portraits: an athletic student, a corporate executive, and a successful judge.
I approach each retouch with this five-step strategy of "assess, remove distractions, flatter contours, enhance facial features, and evaluate.
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