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TO RETRACT. To withdraw a proposition or offer before it has been accepted.
     2. This the party making it has a right to do is long as it has not been accepted; for no principle of law or equity can, under these circumstances, require him to persevere in it.
     3. The retraction may be express, as when notice is given that the offer is withdrawn; or, tacit as by the death of the offering party, or his inability to complete the contract; for then the consent of one of the parties has been destroyed, before the other has acquired any existence; there can therefore be no agreement. 16 Toull. 55.
     4. After pleading guilty, a defendant will, in certain cases where he has entered that plea by mistake or in consequence of some error, be allowed to retract it. But where a prisoner pleaded guilty to a charge of larceny, and sentence has been passed upon him, he will not be allowed to retract his plea, and plead not guilty. 9 C. & P. 346; S. C. 38 E. C. L. R. 146; Dig. 12, 4, 5.

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The only concern I have is who is going to decide when it's retracted or not.
Casadevall attributes the growing number of retracted papers to the prevailing culture in science, which disproportionately rewards scientists for publishing large numbers of papers and getting them published in prestigious journals.
Retracted articles should be clearly identified as such in all electronic sources (e.
PPI was asked to comment about why the press release was retracted, why several weeks elapsed before the retraction, who the original release was sent to and what publications printed information from it, and whether PPI represents all of the plastic pipe industry or only the HDPE segment.
Ignoring the Serbia attack, where the United States doesn't deny targeting journalists, and ignoring the other less-investigated incidents in Afghanistan and Iraq, it would seem that the Reporters without Borders report counters Jordan's retracted truth about U.
Detectives said Mr English had now retracted his statement and would be questioned on suspicion of wasting police time.
Late yesterday afternoon, police said Mr English had retracted his statement and would be questioned on suspicion of wasting police time - although a spokesman said the taxi driver, who lives in Cambridge, had not been arrested.
For the intention of having the Winnipeg Statement retracted, "prayer warriors" are asked to pray the Rosary and the prayer to St.
5 x diameter can be retracted straight up after a cut; there's no need for angular retraction.
Once retracted, it seals the process and protects sensor from caustic CIP cleaning procedures, thus extending sensor life and reducing operational costs.
Iranian aviation officials have reportedly retracted a statement citing pilot error for the crash of a Ukrainian An-140 aircraft on 23 December 2002.