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In the law of Defamation, a formal recanting of the libelous or slanderous material.

Retraction is not a defense to defamation, but under certain circumstances, it is admissible in Mitigation of Damages.


Libel and Slander.


n. 1) to withdraw any legal document in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding, or withdraw a promise or offer of contract. 2) in defamation, particularly libel, the correction of any untruth published in a newspaper or magazine or broadcast on radio or television usually upon the demand of the person about whom the damaging false statement was made. A clear and complete retraction will usually end the right of the defamed party to go forward with a lawsuit for damages for libel. In most states a retraction must be demanded before the suit is filed, in order to cure the problem without litigation. (See: defamation, libel)


noun abjuration, abolishment, cancellation, contradiction, countermand, disannulment, disavowal, gainsaying, negation, nullification, palinode, recall, recantation, recision, repeal, repudiation, rescindment, retractation, reversal, revocation, taking back, unsaying, voidance, withdrawal
Associated concepts: retraction of erroneous or defamatory statements
See also: abjuration, abolition, ademption, annulment, breach, cancellation, change, correction, countermand, defeasance, denial, negation, renunciation, repudiation, rescision, reversal, revocation
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This stops the edge retraction and helps prevent other surface tension related defects such as fisheyes and orange peel.
She was not in violation of federal law by running for political office, making the statements in the mail piece erroneous," Munisteri said in the retraction mail piece.
In fact, one of the co-authors of the study had also called for a retraction in March, because he questioned some of the data that were used in the experiments, which led to the creation of so-called STAP cells (or stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency cells).
However, the retraction of any paper because it is "inconclusive" has adverse implications on the integrity of the concept of the peer-review process as the critical foundation of unbiased scientific inquiry.
The Viewline tube retraction system features 40 mm through 120 mm tube length options, as well as three tube diameters to accommodate a range of spinal anatomy.
today announced that the Company has launched the Viewline Tube Retraction System, Viewline Retractor System, and Viewline Posterior MIS Instrument Set to facilitate exposure, retraction, decompression and disc preparation for MIS TLIF/PLIF/PLF and microdiscectomy procedures.
Scientific misconduct--including fraud, suspected fraud and plagiarism-is the reason behind most retractions of papers published in scientific journals, a new study shows.
Initially she was charged with perverting the course of justice on the basis of making a false complaint, but she later asserted that it was the retraction, rather than the rape allegation, which was false.
com)-- Reacting to Cardinal Edward Egan's recent retraction of the apology he gave to survivors of sexual abuse committed by priests in his own diocese, Mikele Rauch, a member of the MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery team and author of Healing the Soul After Religious Abuse issued the following statement:
Those 315 articles, however, were cited 3942 times before retraction and 4501 times after being withdrawn; scientists were using these flawed, withdrawn studies to support their own research.
The site at which the SCV is closest to the clavicle is uncertain, and studies investigating the effects of shoulder retraction on SCV exposure have included only small numbers of participants and have not considered age, gender or body habitus (3-6).
Protrusion and retraction are two extreme head postures in which movements primarily take place in the upper cervical spine with protrusion tending to occur predominantly as an extension movement at the segmental levels of C0-C1 and C1-C2 (Ordway et al 1999).